Pendants (Core Class)

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Pendants (Core Class)


Next class is on Saturday, March 23rd from 10am - 1pm!

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Instructor: Justin Barrows

Level: Beginner

In our pendant class, we explore the next step in glass-working techniques. We will focus on the bead as a canvas for exploring glass, as these beads teach us how to work "off-mandrel" or off the end of a rod of glass, in order to make larger solid pieces. We will learn about pendants, hooks, glass pontils, lenses, color application, and other basic techniques. This is a good foundation when continuing onto learn about things like marbles, animals, and glass sculpture. This class also serves as an introduction to borosilicate (Pyrex) and other types of glass.

Please note that $50.00 of every class is NON-REFUNDABLE, up to 72 hours before the start which time the entire tuition becomes non-refundable.

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