Intro to Sculpting Glass (Core Class)


Intro to Sculpting Glass (Core Class)


Next class is Wednesday, September 18th from 6pm - 9pm!


Instructor: Andy Pollack

Level: Intermediate

In this class students will be working with borosilicate (similar to Pyrex) glass, learning the basics of sculpting with the glass on a torch. Start with fish and seaweed and other aquatic creatures. Discuss making good connections to build larger pieces from multiple assembled components. The class will end with an octopus and a small sculpture assembled from a collection of the demonstrations. Plan on having a lot of fun and making some very cool things, too.

Please note that $50.00 of every class is NON-REFUNDABLE, up to 72 hours before the start which time the entire tuition becomes non-refundable. 

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