The Studio

Modern and fully-equipped, our lamp working studio is 1000 square feet and includes flame-working benches, a cold working area, and a classroom. There are over a dozen stations and ample space to spread out, get comfortable, and CREATE! The studio is available for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. 

Studio view from the gallery.

Studio view from the gallery.

HOURLY: $15.00 – hourly rate is valid for 1 – 5 hours of solid lamp working.
DAILY: $80.00 – one day is equal to no more than 12 hours
WEEKLY: $200.00 – one week is equal to 7 days
MONTHLY: $450.00 – one month is equal to one calendar month, starting the same date of each month.

Studio rental includes the following:
* BENCH SPACE: Includes insurance, ventilation and kiln space or a dedicated circuit for a kiln (weekly and monthly renters)
* GAS & UTILITIES: Oxygen and natural gas will be provided.  Water and electric are included.      
* TORCH ACCESS: There are a variety of torches available for rent.  
* COLD-WORKING: Access to sanding and polishing and other finishing equipment rental is available for $20.00/hr.

If you are interested in arranging an event or renting space in our studio,  please call or email us.